Preparation and Grading of Used Laptops

How we prepare and grade our used laptop stock

Laptop Preparation


Laptop Grading

Grade ‘A’ laptop classification is reserved for units that show evidence of very light previous use. Any wear on a Grade A Laptop unit, including housing and external surfaces (i.e. cover / lid and keyboards) is associated with standard minimal use. Grade A units may have very minor scuffing and / or minor abrasions with light wear on keyboard from light standard previous use. Grade A Laptop screens will NOT feature scratches, cracks, chips, dead pixels, dark spots, discoloration or blemishes. Grade A Units will only feature the standard / minimal wear and tear that is associated with a used laptop.

Grade B laptops are fully tested and fully functional but subject to have: scratches on laptop body and may feature more excessive unit housing and/or external surface wear than Grade A units, including scratches on cover / lid and heavier wear on keyboards. Grade B laptops may feature one or several small dings or dents on covers and / or small paint chips on the surface. Grade B Laptop screens may feature uneven light diffusion in screen and may feature subtle blemishes. Grade B Laptops will not feature cracks or dead pixels on screens, but may feature slight scratching on screen.

Grade C laptops are fully tested and fully functional but may feature: multiple and / or excessive scratches on laptop body, large paint chips, dents or dings on housing and external surfaces. Grade C Laptop screens may feature uneven light diffusion in the screen, screen blemishes and / or dark marks in screen. Grade C Laptops will feature moderate to aggressive heavy wear from previous use